A place in constant evolution.

There is such a profound and beautiful difference between making love with a man and making love with a woman. Both equally transport me to a different world, both have overlapping attributes, yet, the qualities in flavor and rhythm, at times subtle, are worlds apart. With a man, it’s quite primal...something gets triggered, and the mating dance with all its flashy formalities commence. There is a structure to it, a play of seduction, a movement forth, a reveal, a union, and its completion. It’s a fierce, theatrical, exposition that lingers, in your thoughts, in your body. It’s a deep and all-encompassing sensation, a tenderness met with wild aggression. It’s the root, a base level with a forceful yet elegant transcendence. As wild and spontaneous as it can be, it can be understood, like mastering a complex yet delicate tool. On the other hand, with a woman, it’s ethereal, riding the edge of extinction, if you fall you could lose yourself forever. There are no instructions, there is no structure, it’s an open field in which you discover treasures. A place in constant evolution, what was once there, may no longer be. It is a deep dive into the smallest spaces with the most expansive sensations, whereas something as simple as the caress of the hand, done in such a way, incapacitates you. There is no finale, no movement forth and fast, no timeline or scene to compete. It's a divine paradox really, it is as it has always been, yet, never the same as it was. I could hold my lips to hers for hours, gently riding the wave to varying levels of ecstasy. It is a spiritual, and deeply intimate engagement, something unique, something accessible only by me it seems…

Now I can’t say one is superior to the other, but I can say, sometimes I want to be fucked ravenously, far from control, deeply penetrated and participating in the primal dance..and other times I want to lose myself in the subtleties, dissipating into the mind of another, losing sense of all time and all boundaries, fucked out of existence. Why have only one when you can taste it all?


Eve LemeurComment