Fucked into oblivion.

Last night we fucked in the back of his car until I released my wetness all over him. He is my midnight snack. The one I call when I am lonely, cold, and ravenous. The only one who can satisfy my wild and play with me in the dark. He stirs my beast and makes me proud of my aggressor within. He can tame me as quickly as he excites me, he is calculated and refined. He puts one hand around my neck and compresses my veins, the other around my ass bouncing uncontrollably. My tiny throat in his massive, rough hands makes my pussy throb with desire. I ride him harder, fighting against the loss of blood to my head. It's as if he is squeezing fire through my body. I begin to slow, a warmth melts over my face as my eyes roll back in ecstasy, until I dissipate from consciousness; he's still inside me. He gives me a slap and fucks me back to life until I beg to be dissolved once again. Fucked into oblivion.

Eve LemeurComment