Beauty is an ecosystem.


What makes beauty real? Is it really just the physical? Is it my short skirt you can see up when I reach for something? Is it my bright smile, and fresh breath, or is it all the rotten and deviant fantasies and philosophies I’ve collected through my years? Is it my youthful face, clear eyes, and timid demeanor? What makes seduction the artful endeavor that spans time? Beauty and seduction are a conglomeration of awareness, aesthetic, and precision. It is being conscious of your own self, sexiness, and intelligence. It is the sacred adornment, it is the aromatic oils kissing my neck. It is my ability to hold difficult conversations, hold eye contact, and hold your hand. It is gentleness and ferocity. It is knowing when to say it, how to say it, where to be, and when. There is a greater spirituality to beauty and seduction. Some would have you think different, diminishing the value to luck and assuming ignorance. A large part of beauty has always been education, courtesans and mistresses were historically well-read and educated women. Their beauty was wider than genetics. Beauty is an ecosystem, carefully crafted, and accessible to all. I make my beauty a reality, my seduction is my art form, my intelligence is my weapon.

- Eve