An agitation to fuck me.


We’re on the roof this evening. We brought up wine from his country, olives, feta, music, and weed. Watching the last rays of sun reflect on the clouds, the color baths the city and us in something sedating. Ingesting our snacks, smokes, and wine, everything we touch turns into an aphrodisiac. I am shy, but I can’t wait long enough to be in my bed, so I bring him to the corner of the building. We make out while his cock, pulsing harder in my hand, grows with his agitation to fuck me. He gets on his knees and slips up my skirt. I know better than to wear panties when I am with him. He sits on the ground and brings my knees over his shoulders while I support myself on his knees. The evening glow was just at its end as I climaxed and released down his face and neck. He peaks up and his eyes are furious. He lifts me up, turns me around, and takes my ass in his hand. His cock slides up between my thighs, and he takes me deeply. Pulling back at my mouth as I bite his finger, we come together. Moaning as if no one on the street can hear us. We gasp for air and look around to find the balcony a block away had been enjoying our moans as well.

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