confident humans.

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A friend of mine set me up on a little date the other day! Her name was Alina, she is a young woman from Belize. When she arrived, I was astounded by her beauty. She was stylish, carefree, bright, and covered in tattoos. We were set up because we are both dancers, and my friend just knew we would fall in love.

Her perspective on life was fresh and pure, and we had many of the same values. We talked extensively about work. How we love it and the ways we create really cool and supportive relationships. There is a strength in our art form. We have so much power and so much opportunity.

One of the things we deeply connected about, was the fact that, yes, we are great, intelligent, beautiful, talented women….AND we dance. And we constantly hear “you don’t belong here, you're better than this, you should be improving yourself...and mean you are a dancer?” (accompanied by sassy brow raise and look of shock). This thought assumes we aren’t bettering ourselves and we do not see our value. Which, I can tell you is so far from the truth. This assumes that anyone in a fringe or taboo career or lifestyle is not a successful, decent, confident human.

I am a dancer, I am a healer, I am utilizing my strengths and my seduction to gain wealth and success...Just like many of the men that come to see us have.

Our power is more than the job we do or do not do.

It does not define us.

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