Natural Beauty


Dear Diary,

 One of my friends, Shelia, told me natural beauty is a myth.


Obviously, I was like whaaaaat? Lol. Anyway, she explained that the beauty of today is so curated and filtered, our natural faces have become ugly. Of course, I’m not as cynical but she went on:


            -Look, no one wakes up like this. No one just rolls out of bed and is instantly camera ready and the girls who even come close have lip fillers and false eyelashes permanently glued to their eyelids. It sucks but natural beauty is dead. Even if you have nice skin or nice’re not taking a selfie without a filter unless you’re trying to make a point.


...damn. Am I right?

 It’s not that I totally disagree. Instagram has us all chasing what doesn’t exist. But I don’t think natural beauty is’s just not really appreciated on social media. Even when girls post “no makeup” photos they usually have at least a little bit of mascara or concealer...or they have their faces full of Juvederm and tattooed eyebrows so it honestly doesn’t count.

 But who cares? Instagram is Instagram and real life is real life. No one is perpetually on vacation or happy all the time. Even if you’re young and hot and rich, there are times when you’re just sitting at home, with a dog and a real life. I know a lot of people get the two confused, but I know I don’t...and hopefully Shelia doesn’t either.

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