Dear Diary,


I’m shaking as I write this. You will not believe what happened.


Number one, I got a promotion...yeah, I know I’m an intern so I can’t really get promoted but what I mean is—they gave me a part time position! So, after my internship is over, I can continue working there. It also means more responsibilities...I think they like my ability to work with celebrities and keep a level head. For example, yesterday _____ came in and it was her second interview after all that drama with the ______ family. All I asked her was who did her makeup (because it looked so amazing, she did it herself by the way).


But, even though that’s amazing news. That’s not why I’m writing.


On the way home it started to rain. Rather than take a cab I decided to walk because I wasn’t far from my apartment and a little spring rain is nice every now and again. It cleanses the soul. So, I’m happy and smiling and then I see Johnny. But he’s not walking around or holding hands with another girl. He’s outside of my apartment. Waiting for me.


It was crazy because I just decided to let him go. I actually wasn’t happy to see him—I thought, oh no, this again. But he...he seemed like he changed. I know people don’t really change but I swear, tonight, he let me see a side of himself that he usually keeps hidden. He’s sleeping right now so I’m writing by candlelight. I don’t want to wake him up since he has work in the morning.


I am so anxious, and excited, thinking about what’s to come. Who knows, maybe we can be something real? Wouldn’t that be crazy?




*Names were redacted to protect the identity of those involved.

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