Dear Diary,


I can’t believe I forgot to write about the reason I was traveling so much!


Music; my reason to be, my heart, my voice...okay, I’ll stop quoting One Direction. Besides, they weren’t even there.


Bonnaroo was lit this year. No other way to put it. They had the best acts and even the vendors were on point this. It’s crazy because I kept expecting to see an ex or someone I straight up didn’t like. But no, no pain and no drama at all. If anything, there were more old friends and girls I lost touch with than I thought.


It almost made me nervous, how happy I was and the amount of love I was receiving. I was waiting for someone to pull the rug out from under me, I wanted to scream what’s the catch to see if whoever was pulling the strings would hear me. Maybe the gods had mercy on me, because whoever’s pulling the strings didn’t yank me at all.


I was pulled in every direction, don’t get me wrong. I was walking with Leela when I saw Caroline and (who I thought was her ex-boyfriend) Jose. Well, I guess they’re not exes anymore. I said hi to them and we all started to catch up (I had introduced them to Leela) when I saw my friend Martin. I hadn’t seen him since he was doing standup in dive bars on the Lower East Side.


I guess he graduated from dive bars to the big time, he was headlining! Caroline’s still teaching and her boyfriend (finally) started the band he was always talking about. He and Martin spoke about them playing a minor stage next year. It was all serendipitous and wonderful.


Who knows? Maybe this, this life, this thing we’re doing, maybe it’ll all work out and all of our dreams will come true. Who knows?


It could happen, right?