High Minded


Hello Diary,


Today I found out OJ Simpson has a twitter account and my ex Jamie, follows him. If that doesn’t confirm that he’s a trash human being, I don’t know what does...then again, there has to be an explanation, right? I mean he beat his wife—that much is non contested, cheated on her multiple times, and when he thought not even knew but just thought she was moving on with her life, he killed her.


Now Jamie is an educated human. He has to know the facts of the case. I don’t even mean the did he do it or didn’t he do it—I mean the cheating, the beating, and the constant mental and emotional abuse.


Even in his own memoir, which he claimed to write “for a specific audience, for the money” (wtf) he admitted to abusing her...and he admitted to killing her. The chilling part is: he doesn’t seem sorry. For any of it.


It’s...I mean Jamie does dabble in journalism so maybe that’s the reason he’s following him. That’s what one of my friends said when I asked her why she’s doing the same...but I can’t help but feel reporting on his antics only legitimizes him. That’s what happened with Trump...people couldn’t stay away because the “content just writes itself” and now look where we are.


I want to talk to Jamie but we’re not speaking at the moment.


I don’t mean to get on my high horse but is this the world we’re living in? A world were everyone’s base needs are met and the good side of humanity starves...oy vey, I think I need another glass of wine.


Or maybe I need some time with my girls, that always helps.