Hey Diary,


So, this happened.


Leela wanted to take a trip to Houston to see her family and she wanted me to come with. At first I said, No, because I didn’t want to overdraft my account...and I had rent to pay. But she said we could work while we’re there so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since I only ever worked in New York, but Leela’s from Texas so she said it would be fine.


I believed her, like an idiot.


First of all, everything and everyone is MUCH bigger in Texas. Me and Leela stood out like crazy...everyone called us the “Model Twins” or “Barbie 1 and 2”. Number one, she’s blond and I’m a brunette, her nose and lips are full while I have what you could kindly call “German” features. Bro, we look nothing alike. Second of all, I’m 125 pounds last I checked. Leela is 5’4 and, we can’t model for shit. But besides everyone acting like we were Gigi and Bella Hadid it was a nice club. Or it was, until I met the manager.


Everyone told me what an asshole he was. “Stay away” or “keep out of his way” I was warned, more times than once. I asked if he was a creep and one girl said, “No. He’s just mean.” Okay, so I’ve lived in New York for three years now and I’ve been a dancer for two. I almost laughed in this girl’s face. Like, honey, you really think he could say something to hurt my feelings?


 To be fair, no he didn’t hurt my feelings at all. He made me question my self-worth...and that was far far worse.


Oh snap, I think my pizza’s here. To be continued.