Beware the Viper


I’m back.


So, as I was saying, the manager at Gemstone’s was a dick.


Thankfully he wasn’t the one who hired me. Still, I was only there for two days when he called me over. This isn’t out of the ordinary, I assumed he was going to introduce himself and move on. Instead he almost...sized me up. It was like he was appraising a car.


The first thing he said was, Oh you’re skinny.

I said, Thank you...I guess.

He said, How long are you here?

I said, Until my friend wants to leave.

He said, Okay.

And that was weird. A part of me wondered if he’d fire me on the spot...for being skinny or something.


Like I said before, he never really messed with me. But he did do something that stuck with me...basically, there was a waitress. Super sweet, probably around 21 years old. Some rappers came in, it is Huston after all, and I guess she was a little flustered. At first, she rang up there order wrong but then, I think, she calmed down when she saw how nice they were. They invited her to have a drink and a few shots with them.


Now, I’ve never been a waitress but a few of my friends have. Waitresses need to flirt just as much as we dancers do. It’s their job to sell bottles and drive alcohol sales for the club. If dancers tried to do that we’d be falling off the stage. Anyway, nothing was out of the ordinary. She was sitting with them, and after a few drinks she got them to buy another bottle. I think they tipped her extra just to hang out.


For some reason, the manager had a problem with them. I saw him watching her and he had this...this look on his face. It was definitely angry but there was something else too, something I can’t name.


When she went to the bathroom near our dressing room he said, Hey, you’re walking funny.

I think she thought he was joking because she didn’t answer. Then he screamed—I am not joking he actually screamed, ANSWER ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU! WHAT, ARE YOU TOO DRUNK TO RESPOND?


Like, you could hear a pen drop in the dressing first she tried to explain. She said,

I’m not drunk. I thought you were joking.

He says, Are you even old enough to drink?


Seriously, now he cares?


She couldn’t even get a word in. He was chewing her out for no reason, saying she was hanging by a thread and if she couldn’t get drink orders right and walk without looking like a floozy her days at Gemstones were numbered.




Throughout the entire thing, I stayed silent. The waitress just walked back to the table...I don’t know what she said but the rappers left soon after.


One of the other girls tapped me on the shoulder. She said, I tried to tell you about Viper. He likes to make girls cry.