There is

A particular taste to dominance. This illustrious and savage mistress of mine.

Her pungent aroma intimidates those...

with weakened prowess.

Yet the distinct weave of her velvet skin..enraptures. With one caress of her delicate texture…

you are...


You take a bite, breaking the taut and flawless skin.

Dominance is eager, her supple juices sting your tongue with its bitter taste.

But dominance is patient.

She finishes soft, with a sweetness enticing, asking for forgiveness.

So, you take another bite at its command,

And begin this cycle of senses again.

Dominance is an overripe fruit.

Deceitful and intoxicating

A bliss that drives you mad,

The bitter transmutation of something once pure and sweet

Dominance is my shadow.

Modest in its loyalty, ceaseless in its pursuit.

Eve LemeurComment