Flame my Divinity.

These men they arrive at my feet, to be in the eye of my storm. Drunk with the words I feed them. It is vulnerability, fantasy, sensuality. This ritual they bathe in is a ceremony embedded in our history, the worship of the goddess. Their energy feeds my omnipotence, their offerings kindle my grace. The confused may call me a whore, yet they know not the power this word holds. Because yes, I am the horae, ‘the divine whore’, a healer, and an image of the goddess. I embody history, tradition, worship. Every sensual glance, touch, or word I utter...is an act of honor. Sex an act of exaltation. Where the power is with me, where I am the revered, and my sacred body holds no shame. Where I determine one’s worthiness and allow only those honorable to serve. This is the power I wield every day, every night I go out, every fuck I have, every man I turn down, and every love I embrace.

Their reverence flames my divinity.

Eve LemeurComment