The delight on the tip of my tongue.

My first time with a girl was with my ex-boyfriend. We met Cara at a party. We arrive to find this sweet, simple, beautiful girl, bashful yet seductive. We look a each other and instantly know what needs to be done. Cara is shy, she is a bit prude, has never even kissed a girl, but between our flirtations and some tequila, her hands are wandering my leg as my man squeezes her shoulders. What was discussed is a blur, but what came next I can never forget. We go into the laundry room, the only room in the house that people have not infiltrated. We block the door, get on our knees, and crawl toward each other until we meet in the middle. Her soft, wet lips slide against mine, I am soaked instantly. My man takes me and puts me on his lap, spreading my legs apart he shows Cara how he touches me. I am lost in the taste of her mouth and the strength of his hands. I see in her face how amazed she is, to observe me being pleasured, to learn how my arousal works. Her face had grown full with hunger, I could see through her thin panties she was wet. Sliding my hands up her thighs, I pull her purple silks from her soft and tiny hips. I can see the light shining from the fluid of her untouched pussy tickling her thighs. My man gets down on his knees, gently pushes her back onto my lap and buries his face in her petite pink. I look down, as her face contorts with desire and satisfaction. I go between kissing her and grabbing my man to taste her on his skin. The sweet and slightly metallic flavor she emits is intoxicating. My jealousy grows, so we switch. It’s my turn to taste. He grabs me from behind as I take my turn enjoying our paramour, pulling my thong to the side he exposes my throbbing wet sex, and finally, I am filled. To give pleasure while being fucked deep and hard…it’s an indescribable feeling, it’s a wave of ecstasy that swallows me entirely, and I am no longer in control of myself, I am purely and entirely enraptured. Our erotic interlude lasts for the whole night, taking turns squirting on this lucky man while the other rides his face. Staring in her eyes as she takes him inside her tightness. I got to observe his face as she opens her mouth and explores his cock, her fingers, tongue, and throat melange into one synchronous motion. We ended it there, I wanted nothing more than to watch this sweet, formerly innocent beauty suck my man to completion, and when she finished drinking his essence, I lean in for a kiss, to taste the elixir they alchemized. Her spicy hot breathe, my man's musky bitterness... I came again from the sheer delight on the tip of my tongue.

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