Snacks and nightcaps.

It’s 3:00 am following a busy Thursday night at the club. I'm sitting in a booth across from Adam at Coppelia. We're sharing fish tacos and discussing ways I can invest my money. This man has become my friend, a reliable client, and an advisor.

I met Adam, a sweet young 24-year-old man, on a Wednesday night. It was the end of an active shift, and I saw him standing shyly against the wall in quiet observation. I approach him and his disarmingly charming eyes for one last dance. I was on a time limit, so I was quite direct with him. We quickly exchanged pleasantries before I asked him if he would like to dance. He smiled at me and said, “Sure, why not.” His reserved demeanor was heartening. So much so, I thought he may have obliged out of kindness. Four songs go by, and I ask if he would like more. “Oh, please, keep going,” he urges me on. I see in his expression he has let his guard down, interest and desire have grown. Another four songs, and we continued. We stopped after twenty songs and a few flirtatious giggles. Without batting an eye, Adam hands me the money with a smile. This man, he is a pleasant surprise. We sit for a few moments together. He tells me about his high-profile, non-stop job in finance, and I share with him my studies and passions. He’s hooked on my allure, and I am drawn by both his kindness and his career.

Our relationship has grown as he continues to keep me company every other week. My dear Adam, he only comes when I call, and he takes care of only I. Our nights together end at diners and late night pubs for snacks and nightcaps. He gives me advice, he treats me with respect, and he supports my dreams. I am the muse of many, and my many lift me to success.

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