New Friends.


Satisfied in the sun. I am spending my afternoon on the grass of the Guastalla Gardens in Milan. I’m in the sun drinking lemon soda and eating fresh currants.

This is the day of rest I deserve after last night….

I had met a group of young students at a pub. We immediately connected over our rolled cigarettes and the desire to smoke weed after I had asked them if I could have a paper. I was alone when we met, enjoying limoncello. They enthusiastically invited me to sit with them. We drank all night, smoking inside, and randomly signing karaoke in the room downstairs.

They were care-free, liberated, sexy, and unashamed. Just being around them felt like I was being infused with this enhanced seduction (as if I need to be any more of a seductress!).

We spent all night together. I haven’t been that drunk in a long time. I think I will meet with them again. There are a few girls in this group that I cannot help but fantasize about!

Let’s see how this unfolds…

Valarie MercedComment