Into their world.


I connected up with the people I met the other night at the pub.

We bought a bottle of tequila and roamed the streets taking turns swigging from the clear glass.  There were two girls who seemed to be lovers. One girl named Mari had dark skin, big curly hair, and these iridescent green eyes. The other, Ana was fair, she had dark straight hair cut to her shoulders, and was slender and bony. Separate they were sexy, but to see them together. There must be some magic for these two humans to have found and love each other. 

Sometimes I become infatuated with certain couples. Whether at restaurants, parks, or events, I’ll be enamored with the interactions of certain matches. I want insight into their life. What is it like when they have sex, where have they traveled together, how did they meet?

These girls were one of those couples, but this time I got an inside view. 

I think it was a bit obvious because they began to flirt with me, both together and apart.

We stopped at a store before they closed for the night and bought enough alcohol to last us the night and into tomorrow. We wet to a park and spent the rest of the night opening bottles of wine, eating cheap chocolate and candies, and rolling spliffs. 

The night went on like this until Mari and Ana found the courage through the wine, tequila, and chocolate to whisper in my ears everything they like about me.  They had me biting my lip, throwing my head back, and laughing with arousal at their complete unabashed sensuality, flirtation, and beauty. It was silly and child-like, they wanted me to come into their world and play. 

We kissed each other quietly as the other 4 friends continued on as if not noticing. 

It was now us three cuddled up, sharing wine and desires and complete comfort with each other. Maybe it was because they were a couple, but I rarely feel this sense of acceptance and understanding. 

When the wine was finished it was around 4 am. Mari and Ana had to get up in the morning but told me (not asked) that they will be taking me out that night, kissed me and turned off to walk to the apartment they shared. 

We will see what tonight brings…

Until then, here I lay in the sun, still drunk from the night before.

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