Dear Diary,


I saw Karl last night.


Just kidding...sort of. It depends on your definition of “saw”. I did have a dream about him cuddling up next to me. I woke up to the sensation of him licking my pussy—but it was all a dream. When I opened my eyes, it was morning and he wasn’t there, kind of like real life.


So, if metaphysical representations of my desire count then, yes, I did see him last night.


Back in the tangible world it was like a dream. My boss, Hudson (his Chinese name is Li Jun), took a private town car from his parents’ place to one of the most exclusive clubs in Hong Kong. I don’t remember what it was called and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to write it down. The point is: I think Hudson was trying to impress me.


Inside the club, we got the “treatment”. It was nothing I haven’t seen before in New York or LA. The difference was, “China rich” people don’t care for ostensible displays of modesty. Everything was lavish, from the seats to the hangers-on who wanted to sit at our table. In the states the on-lookers aren’t nearly as well dressed.


Hudson himself was very charming. He kept asking, “Are you having a good time” and he sort of apologized for how lush everything was. “People in China kind of go overboard,” then he added, “especially around pretty foreign girls.”


I’m not sure how that last bit would go over with HR. Who am I kidding? This whole thing sounds like a dream. Who would even believe me when even I have trouble discerning what’s real?