Snake Eyes


Dear Diary,


I can’t believe that worked.


It’s a wonder my eyes aren’t brown because I get away with sooooo much shit.


Instead they’re green with flecks of gold (Karl called them snake eyes...I don’t know why). For whatever reason I get away with much more BS when I bat my eyelashes and wear something that brings out the bits of yellow in my irises. But it only works if I don’t try too hard. When I actually try Karl says my eyes light up and I look like I’ll stab someone if I don’t get my way...I think I just got why he called them snake eyes.


Whatever. I didn’t start this entry to write about my eyes or my shitty ex-boyfriend.


I found my boss’s office with clever use of Google and my weak grasp of the Cantonese language. It helps that many people here speak English. Anyway, I get to his office and tell him about how he sounded like he needs help on the ground floor, and I believe in his vision yaddie yadda ya. And now not only is my plane ticket reimbursed, I cancelled my hotel reservation because I’m sleeping in his parent’s guest house (his parents have sooo much money. That’s how he’s funding his enterprise). Anyways, to celebrate my landing in Hong Kong he’s taking me to spots “only locals know.”


Partying with my boss...this should be interesting.