Profane and Boring.


A series of flesh, moisture, and sounds sweep across the screen. Bombarding my mind with the profane fantasies and the unrealistic movements choreographed solely for this scene. 

Somehow, I am turned on, but not aroused. My body responds but my aesthetic side judges me. Why are they excessive with everything they do? Every movement exaggerated, every sound forced from the throat he is grasping. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love being choked, I love letting my moans and pleasure sounds release, as loud or as soft as they might be…. But this… This just isn’t cutting it for me. I am sick of the same old storyline and the same people with the same bodies and the same, old, tired, repertoire of positions. 

We can do better...hell maybe I should start creating porn. I mean it can’t be any worse than this sad shit. At least I will have something to watch that is both arousing, beautiful, and worth my time.

DiaryEve LemeurComment